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  • Harland Brown

Where Technology Meets Craftsmanship

After a life of designing consumer products, both electrical and mechanical, and working closely with venture capitalists designing and building businesses, I’ve retired to the greatest combination of all of my assets.

I have a history designing and devising CNC systems, as well as manufacturing systems for a few of the worlds largest providers, and world-record-holding industrial manufacturers.

I’ve taken this opportunity to separate the man from the machine, and pursue my passion for fine cigars, with my keen sense of fit and finish, and introduce my line of display humidors.

I have developed relationships with some of the most conscientious, rare and exotic hardwood brokers on earth. All materials I source, are purchased from their native lands fairly, and come with the guarantee that they are sustainably harvested.

I grew into my love for cured tobacco many years ago. Truthfully, long before I should have. My heroes were the humidor greats: Elie Bleu, Michael Dixon, and the like. There works were incredible in appearance, the grains and colors. My heart was broken the day I learned that their humidors weren’t even made of wood. Shattered. I was as low as could be. MDF, “medium density fibreboard”, for those that don’t understand the acronym. It’s a fancy word for cardboard.

Not on my watch. I wouldn’t have one in my house, and I don’t recommend it for anyone.

So, like any good product designer would, I began contacting materials brokers and vendors, and consulted industry professionals, in an effort to glean the best possible design and implementation for the perfect display humidor.

Days later, I cleared some space in my fabrication shop, and bought a single piece of wood, and built my first humidor. It worked, although I wasn’t satisfied with its quality. My shop space has never been the same, since that day.

As time has gone on, I have gotten rid of most of the metalworking tools, replacing them with the hand tools I use every day now. I’ve cleared the floor for storing my inventory of rare and exotic hardwoods. My humidors have come light years since then, in terms of fit, finish, quality and craftsmanship, as well as massive reductions in production time.

I enjoy applying my aptitude for zero-tolerance fit of parts, and love for working with wood figuring that only comes from a single piece from a single tree. This is my life, my living, and how I support my family.

If you love cigars, I’d love to build you a humidor that you’ll love too.

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