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On-Wall Display Humidor Gallery

The humidor that started it all. 

A true display humidor, the first of its kind! Glass door allows you to view your cigars at any time.

Width: 14.5”
Height: 20.25”
Depth: 3”

Available in exotic and domestic hardwoods, this humidor puts 48 cigars on display in single rows, or nearly 100 if you wish to add a second layer. 

Will accommodate cigars of nearly any length, up to 64 Ring Gauge (1” diameter) comfortably.

Your humidor is handmade from all fair-trade, sustainably-harvested, solid hardwoods. The cabinet’s primary construction is of Spanish Cedar. The exterior is made with wood no less than .75” thick, with the wall thickness totaling over 1”.

The door is attached with mortised hinges that nearly disappear when the box is closed. The box stays shut via powerful neodymium magnets.

Your humidor includes a digital hygrometer, built into a shelf. A puck-style oasis humidifier is included with your humidor.

CREE LED illumination is included with your humidor. If you do not wish to have illumination, please send me a message at the time of purchase.

Your humidor will be packed into its own special crate, with panels reinforced with wood, to protect your humidor. Shipping within the continental US is free, and full insurance is included.

If you’re interested in the humidor of your dreams, please contact me to discuss wood and finish types. I often have a plethora of rare and exotic offerings.

To build your perfect humidor, it may take nearly 3 weeks, although some have been completed in as little as 14 days.


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