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In-Wall Display Humidors For 2"x4" Or 2"x6" Construction

A forever humidor for your forever home

Custom display humidor, 4” or 6" deep, 20&1/4” tall, designed to fit perfectly between 2 studs in most home construction, with easy to follow installation instructions.

Made with your choice of solid hardwood, ranging from exotic to highly figured domestic hardwoods. I never use veneers, or laminates. Please contact me to inquire about my shop’s current stock of exquisite lumber. Most cuts are rare, hard to find, and of extremely limited supply. All materials are purchased fair trade, and sustainably harvested.

•Upright storage for your cigar collection, for 48-250 of your favorite cigars, up to a full 64 ring gauge.
•Primary interior construction of Spanish Cedar.
•Your choice of fine finished exotic hardwoods, and exotic selections of domestic hardwoods.
•CREE LED lighting with power supply.
•Magnetic closure.
•Includes Integrated Hygrometer.
•Includes humidifier and solution.
•Includes installation instructions.
•Shipping in the continental United States is included.

To build your perfect humidor, it may take nearly 3 weeks, although some have been completed in as little as 14 days.

Please feel free to message me regarding any questions or requests you might have. I’d be more than glad to help you design the humidor of your dreams!

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